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Welcome to Tejal Yoga. This is your home to learn about yoga for your life. I offer yoga using my name Tejal, as Tej means radiance in Sanskrit an ancient Indian language. I hope the yoga you practice with me brings you brightness, clarity, and lets light and lightness radiate through you! The yoga practice I offer is accessible for all people, any level.

I specialize in private, prenatal, & semi-private sessions designed to meet your physical, emotional, or wellness need. My philosophy and teaching is based on the 8-limbs of yoga (click to read more)It's my pleasure to sculpt sessions to be sure you are seen and heard. 

I am a passionate advocate for the Indian American teacher in the Western offerings of yoga. I believe in diverse representation for all people of color (POC) in yoga and create offerings that are inclusive, accessible for all body types, income and experience levels. My aim is to offer a practice that raises the power of all individuals and communities involved with yoga.

I'd love to hear how yoga is part of your life and where you feel more representation could be beneficial. You can email me your thoughts anytime here.




Weekly Classes


Sundays, 4 pm & 6 pm

Tuesdays, 6 am & 7:30 am

Thursdays, 9:30 am & 12:30 pm & 2 pm

Humming Puppy prides themself on attention to detail and aims to provide everything needed to make it the perfect yoga experience each and every time you join. I teach three different class types - Dynamic, Unified, & Mellow. Please check the schedule for class descriptions to find your level.



Sundays, 11:30 am (June 3 - Sept 30)

Wednesdays, 6:30 pm (June 6 - Sept 26)

Literally the most beautiful place to practice yoga outdoors this summer. Practice warrior poses looking upon Lady Liberty and lie in savasana under a cloudy blue sky. Join me and support The Battery Conservancy for the 5th year of yoga at the Woodlands Lawn!


YOGA at the ridgewood bushwick farmers markets, 553 BUSHWICK AVE, BROOKLYN, NY

Select Sundays, 10:30 am

July 22, July 29, Aug 12, Aug 19, Sept 16

The markets present an assortment of experiences reflecting Bushwick's multicultural heritage and funky character by bringing together minority and smallholder farmers, prepared food purveyors, entrepreneurs, community organizations and artists of all kinds. 

This is my first partnership with RiseBoro, the organizer of the markets. Socioeconomic inclusion is a key mission of the markets, so just like last year, cash, credit, SNAP, and WIC will all be accepted. BYOMat :) 

Click here to read more about all the programs from Bushwick Daily: On Sundays, the markets will offer free summer youth arts programming byArts and Rhymes, community yoga by Tejal Yoga, and Zumba by Ariel Maduro.



Private sessions are for individuals cultivating a spiritual and physical practice. I modify sessions for your injury or concerns. 

 (26 weeks pregnant)

(26 weeks pregnant)

Reserve your session or email me with questions:


Reiki Healing



an avenue to healing. The receiver (you) lies down comfortably on a yoga mat, the practitioner (me) offers gentle touch to soothe, heal, replenish, and rebalance energy. My role is to channel universal energy in, to, and through you. Reiki allows your body to be an inlet for healing energy to collect, diffuse, and comfort.



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