Tejal ( तेजल ) is Radiance

Yoga ( योग ) to yoke, unite


Namaste friends!

I specialize in private, prenatal, & semi-private 8-limbed yoga sessions designed to meet your physical, emotional, or wellness need. It's my pleasure to sculpt sessions to be sure you are seen. 

Tejal Yoga creates community through yoga and gatherings.



Reiki Healing



an avenue to healing. The receiver (you) lies down comfortably on a yoga mat, the practitioner (me) offers gentle touch to soothe, heal, replenish, and rebalance energy. My role is to channel universal energy in, to, and through you. Reiki allows your body to be an inlet for healing energy to collect, diffuse, and comfort.


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Stay tuned for October meeting

Join the Monthly book club like no other! BYOB(ook)! 

Meets at Starr Bar, a nightlife venue in Bushwick, Brooklyn that celebrates and supports movements for social justice. 

September meeting

September meeting


Yoga In The Battery

Wednesdays at 6:30pm extended through September 27, 2017

Join Tejal Yoga and The Battery Conservancy for the best city, water, and sunset views! Open to all levels, practice takes place on a gorgeous restored lawn!!! Bring your own mat or reserve ours in advance. RSVP below.



511 W 20th st, NYC 10011

511 W 20th st, NYC 10011

Yoga 216 classes are 6 people per class offering you the attention and awareness you deserve. Classes range from basic to next level, heated from 80 to 95 deg. 

Yoga 216 offers an extensive education curriculum for the inquiring yogi, yoga enthusiast, and yoga teachers.



Monday, 7:30 am & 9 am

Tuesday, 7 am & 9 am (both heated)



Private sessions are for individuals cultivating a spiritual and physical practice. I modify sessions for your injury or concerns. 

(26 weeks pregnant)

(26 weeks pregnant)

Reserve your session now or email me with questions:



Incense sticks are lit as an offering to God(s). As part of my offering to you, I write from time to time related to a yogic state of mind. Explore the Daily Incense and share your thoughts too.



Tejal Yoga brings people together. Yoga classes, energy healing, book club, yoga events, building community through practice.



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