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Welcome to Tejal Yoga. This is your home to learn about yoga for your life. I offer yoga using my name Tejal, as Tej means radiance in Sanskrit an ancient Indian language. The yoga you practice with me is designed to increase feelings of brightness, clarity, and let light radiate through you! The yoga practice I offer is accessible for all people, any level.

I specialize in private, prenatal, & semi-private sessions designed to meet your physical, emotional, or wellness need. My philosophy and teaching is based on the 8-limbs of yoga (click to read more)It's my pleasure to sculpt sessions to be sure you are seen and heard. 

Tejal Yoga creates community through yoga and gatherings. Click on the bold items to learn about each offering.



The Yoga Sound Bath like no other

Join Hiko & I in a 3 hr sensory exploration of yoga and sound for the ultimate lived in experience. 

In the rise and fall of the wave, there is a build and return home to a body of water.
Your guides will move you through similar sensations of heightened awareness and deep rest in your body.

From 3 pm to 6 pm, practice a hot vinyasa flow, move into a series of restorative poses, and immerse your senses in a sea of sound and reiki healing. 

About your guides:
Hiko Konami is a sound healer with years of background in yoga teaching and reiki healing.
Konami means little-wave in Japanese.

Tejal Patel is a yoga educator trained in NYC and India for vinyasa, hatha, restorative yoga, and reiki healing.
Tejal means radiant-water in Sanskrit.



REtreat, SOLACE, REflection

In 2018, explore these ideas and discover and unite with the sacred parts of your being, often unseen and unfelt as vital. Take time to prioritize your self, well being, and spirit with Tejal Yoga retreats.






511 W 20th st, NYC 10011

511 W 20th st, NYC 10011

Wednesdays, 7:30 am & 9 am

Yoga 216 classes are 6 people per class offering you the attention and awareness you deserve. Classes range from basic to next level, heated from 80 to 95 deg. 

Yoga 216 offers an extensive education curriculum for the inquiring yogi, yoga enthusiast, and yoga teachers.



163 Remsen Street, 2nd flr Brooklyn, NY 11201

163 Remsen Street, 2nd flr Brooklyn, NY 11201

Wednesdays, 4:30 pm

A beautiful, intentional studio where you can leave it all outside. New! Reserve your mat location in advance.



Private sessions are for individuals cultivating a spiritual and physical practice. I modify sessions for your injury or concerns. 

(26 weeks pregnant)

(26 weeks pregnant)

Reserve your session or email me with questions:




Incense sticks are lit as an offering to God(s). As part of my offering to you, I write from time to time related to a yogic state of mind. Explore the Daily Incense and share your thoughts too.


Past Events

Tejal Yoga brings people together. Yoga classes, energy healing, book club, yoga events, building community through practice.


Reiki Healing



an avenue to healing. The receiver (you) lies down comfortably on a yoga mat, the practitioner (me) offers gentle touch to soothe, heal, replenish, and rebalance energy. My role is to channel universal energy in, to, and through you. Reiki allows your body to be an inlet for healing energy to collect, diffuse, and comfort.



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