Amanda S., Santa Cruz, CA


"My reiki session with Tejal was a grounding experience that left me feeling like I had hit restart on all of my emotional tugging. Tejal made a safe, comfortable, and trusting environment with her voice and touch. The placement of her hands was slow and intentional, so I always knew exactly where she was and where she was going on my body. Her instinct on timing was perfect--just as I was beginning to feel satisfied and whole, she would gently release her hands and transition to the next placement. My session was 30 minutes, and during that time, I was able to move into deep relaxation so that when the session was over, I felt refreshed as though I had slept 8 hours. The rest of the day, I felt light and centered, able to let small frustrations move through me without having them hook me. I am grateful for Tejal's strong, healing touch!"