Reiki Healing

Amanda, Santa Cruz, CA

Amanda, Santa Cruz, CA

"My reiki session with Tejal was a grounding experience that left me feeling like I had hit restart on all of my emotional tugging..."


I questioned myself and wondered about my path, health, and healing. I realized that Reiki was the next healing art to understand and feel. At first, for myself, because who takes care of the caretakers?

I needed a sangha to learn with. My dear heart friend from my first yoga training and I joined a level 1 Usui Reiki training with the luminous Kevin Lamb*. It was important to be educated and around others I feel soothed by.

I wish to offer my Reiki healing practice to you. There are several degrees of education to become a Reiki Master. At my level, I offer you Reiki healing free of monetary cost and ask for feedback as payment,