This summer reminds me how I’m learning to thrive. We all have needs and knowing what those needs are, are tantamount to having those needs met. I themed the community news as Thrive because I’m relearning what makes me tick.

To thrive, I must remember what brings me home to my source of strength, stability, and balance. Where I thrive is mostly in nature or with beauty, how I thrive is either by dancing my a$% off, practicing yoga, and resting deeply, plus most things in between, and who I thrive with are my loved ones and my yoga community.

It sounds simple to think about. When I lay things out like this I find it easier to know which path to choose, what course-correcting decision to make.

Just last month I wrote an email to dear family and friends including this sentence:

“I realize that a large dose of travel paired with visiting close friends is key in keeping my heart strong and healthy.”

Owning that knowledge empowers me to ask for what I want from others and keep in mind when I am not able to give due to my ability to thrive in certain situations.

I hope this summer and all seasons are a continuous exploration of self for you as they are for me. And I truly hope that the yoga community we create together continues to fill your cup as much as it does mine.