Team players


Let's say you are a coach of a team.  The players on this team are your thoughts and emotions.  What are your team's rules to live and play by?

If your players get out of line or break the rules, are you willing to do what it takes to suspend or even kick out that thought or emotion? 

As a coach, you're meticulously working out your game day plans and focusing on how to maintain your A game, especially when the stakes are high or people are counting on you to perform.  When a teammate isn't on board and jeopardizes the hard work put in by the rest of the players, consequences come into play.  On the other hand, we're human and our thoughts and emotions are sometimes unruly and out of sync with our longer term goals.  It's not often easy to decide when to change course on the end goal, weed out the troublemakers,  or revamp the training plan.  The bottomline is coaching ain't easy and someone's gotta do it.

We root for our teams heartily, and as die-hard fans we truly, deeply feel each gratifying win or disappointing loss. 

As the coach of our personal team of sound body and mind, we manage the rules.  Knowing the stakes are high in the game of life, we must constantly evaluate what methods and motives are in our best interest to achieving that end goal, whether it be enlightenment, a stronger core, better financials, the next promotion, etc. 

I believe Ram Das says it best, "the answer is always to work on yourself".  And we all know what a challenge it can be to always be on.

Stay true to yourself and remain focused.  Allow your one man team of thoughts and emotions to come together with clarity to achieve your goals.  Remember your fans are with you and want to see you succeed.