Since I last shared, much has evolved, moved, shifted.

I sent the Emerge news out in April while in Detroit with family of two older sisters, one married with two children, and my parents. The intention was to have a nice, festive weekend of activities for my father's 70th bday. The reality was a bit different. As it is with family, and since I know to expect the unexpected, I was surprised to see how much the weekend took out of me. I spent many days and nights after the trip digesting the emotions, experiences, and exchanges from family time. I learned that sometimes a steadfast, Sagittarius attitude of "dealing" with things isn't enough and that I am blessed to have a very intelligent, physically close, and emotionally reliant community of loving ones that help me to replenish.

This period of time encouraged a deepening of Svadyaya, or study of self. This practice, when joined by Tapas, the fiery determination for completion, and Isvara Pranidhana, devotional surrender, results in Kriya Yoga, the yoga of action. Practicing Kriya Yoga helps to galvanize past and current life stuff into experiences fueling and creating the future.

tapah svadhyaya Isvarapranidhanani kriyayogah (YSP 2.1)

The sutra above, is the start of Chapter 2 of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. This chapter is named the Sadhana Pada or the chapter on practice.

These experiences throughout this Spring are fueling my journey onward with a balanced sense of effort and ease. Just as the days get older and the seasons change, the people in my life get older and the color of our shared experiences change. I hope to grow just a bit wiser in the process of dealing, living, and thriving. 

Out of this time much has emerged:

In this moment much is growing:

While looking forward, there is much to dream and crystalize into reality:

  • Fall Retreat in the US

  • International Retreat

  • Opportunities to teach teachers

  • Attending Reiki Training

  • Attending Inclusivity Training for Yoga: Building Community with Compassion

In times like these, I often come back to my favorite, grounding phrase:

"On this path, no gain is ever reversed, no effort is ever wasted." 
-Adapted from BG 2.40


Pictured above, my brother-in-law and 3 1/2 yr. old niece at the Detroit Riverfront