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As I feel the transition from summer to fall, I notice the shortening of daylight and feel the dull pull of lethargy. I observe it in the extra five-minute snooze (three times in a row), the need to layer up in the early morning, the need to de-layer at noon. It’s these things that put me in a restless mood.

I wonder about the way I feel, guessing as to why I can observe it but not change it. Knowing that I feel mixed up in a why that is challenging to describe. The practice is a boon. I can cultivate a yoga practice that weights me down as well as lifts my spirits.

I come to you with an exercise in humility. A way to reset if you’ve been feeling like me with energy moving in many directions except to where you’re interested in going.

Now, breathe.

Now, the intention: be grounded with humility.

Allow your body to become new again. Allow yourself to learn as you did before your memory even formed. When you were so young and so close to the earth, and you were celebrated when you crawled, rolled, lifted your head.

Let’s be like babies as we were before letting go of the limiting choices of success or failure. Simply observe and learn.

Now, the movement:

Pad the knees with a blanket and come to all fours position

Cat cow 5-10x

Tabletop, place yoga block between ankles

- pick the block up evenly with both feet and bring block to backside 5x

Lie on back, pick yoga block up between ankles

Leg raises 10x

Remove block, roll to stand at top of mat

Place block medium width* between calves just above ankles

Hop to turn around,

Now flow:

inhale arms overhead,

exhale fold forward,

inhale lift halfway,

exhale fold and walk hands forward to downward facing dog,

inhale to plank,

exhale shift forward and lower through chaturanga/tricep push up down to mat,

inhale locust (sweep arms back, palms face up),

exhale tuck toes place palms at mid-ribs on mat,

inhale prepare drawing navel to spine,

exhale plank or tabletop to downward facing dog,

inhale hop forward,

exhale hop back,

inhale walk hands back to feet,

exhale forward fold,

inhale half lift,

exhale fold,

inhale arms out, rise up, arms overhead, optional hook thumbs back bend,

exhale mountain pose.

Repeat flow 3x or more.

Now, breathe.

Remembering Swami Vivekananda says recognizing and feeling oneness with everyone and everything else in the universe, without inferiority or superiority or any other bias, this is humility.

Seal your intention to be grounded with humility in with Om.