When I plan themes for the month's community news, I am drawn to the events that just passed or (you guessed it) what's about to come. So I'm chatting with Rob and we're creating the promo for the Nicaragua Surf & Yoga Retreat in March. I'll write out words like Surf and Yoga for that video. I thought it'd be funny if my theme was "Land" (in direct opposition to Surf), which was something I'd meditated on earlier this month. He didn't go for that and we both agreed that "Surf" as a theme wouldn't make overall sense. Then I said, "Heart"! How about Heart? He said, hmm, no, it sounds wide open. I said, exactly! that's exactly what I want. It made me laugh because the obvious was so relevant. No need to look inside any further. More on the themes chosen and practiced:



Several months back, and even several years ago, a seed was planted to work with a teacher that I felt so connected to that I must have known her in another life. In 2012, I trained with Juliana Mitchell during my 200hr yoga teacher training at The Yoga Room.  Upon graduation I continued attending her yoga classes. In 2016, I completed a 40hr prenatal yoga teacher training with JM and at the start of 2018 I began a 75hr 1-1 mentorship with her. In our first meeting during the week of 01/08/2018, we sat to breath together. The word that came to mind was Flutter, in that I felt my forehead, eyelashes, eyelids, fluttering around without any weight. I began a practice of japas, repeating a mantra, and realized it best not to focus on the word that wasn't helping me call in my arrival and strength. In my quiet meditation moments, I realized the counter to flutter was to Land. Feel the support beneath me. Take a moment to enjoy the stillness of my feet rather than the pattering from door to subway and back again. Hold space for my face and body to just be, be comfortable, be safe, in that warm, sunny room. Sense my strength welling up inside from my efforts and from the source of all the generations that walked this path before me. In those moments, I was with the land, and meditated on my landing. I've continued my meditation throughout January with Land in mind.



It's a big deal to have an open heart. A very big deal. In the yoga world about this time, there'll be talk of heart openers, removing blockages, staying blissfully present in the moment, all sorts of exciting and oftentimes trauma inducing ideas. The commercial aspects of February blow up all around us and if we're susceptible or just walking around the city with eyes open, it may bother us a tiny to large amount. That's okay. That's fine. You do you. I chose Heart for this next 30 or so days as a focus because I can't help but notice the need to have heart in so many areas of my life. I will be visiting with family in a few weeks and that always warms and challenges in nearly equal parts. I started my mentorship with JM that overwhelms me with love, devotion, excitement, and honor as much as it challenges me and astounds me, all in the best ways. I am a NYC yoga teacher that has to hustle her fair share to live out her passion. And I offered two events, a yoga sound bath and a weekend retreat (both firsts!), with one major week long international retreat coming in March, all of which are massive labours of love. So yes, I'm feeling hearty. Hehe. I'm feeling what makes my heart beat, fast with exhilaration, slow with sensuous adoration, and full with care and curation.


Let's move into our heart spaces together over the next 30. Please share what is currently pulling on your heartstrings and let's make it happen!

Yours in community, 

x Tejal