I’m in shock, awe, and wonder.

Every day there’s another explosion and a sense of Oh Shit! We’re in the season of fluttering, floating, and not settling in. It’s not light out nor is it nearly as dark as it’s going to get. It’s not hot outside regularly, nor is it predictably cold.

So what do we do? I know what I’m doing, I’m taking it in stride while keeping my eyes open wide enough to churn out something good.

Just as the Yamas are internal practices of restraint and checking in, I feel like I’m reining it in too. I decided to call this month OctSOBER and apart from the obvious abstinence of alcohol; I’ve stopped consuming dairy, desserts, fried foods, and meat. I started a weekly budget review with my partner. We’ve become extremely intentional about our meals and spending. It is sobering, thought provoking and I find myself wondering what do I do now? Which leads to, what’s the best thing for me to do now? I love it!

Just as the Niyamas are virtuous habits, I’m attempting to organize my actions similarly.

I volunteered with my teaching team at Yoga 216 for the takeover of the Sunday yoga classes at lululemon meatpacking in October and November. Join for free yoga with me on Oct. 15th and Nov. 12th! Space is limited and RSVP doesn’t guarantee entry, come early.

I’m holding a fundraiser to donate to the Hispanic Federation for Puerto Rico’s hurricane relief efforts. Join the Pop-Up class by RSVP’ing on Eventbrite. We’re meeting downtown to keep our summer community together.

How to practice in this time? Take your time when a class feels too fast, slow yourself down. Feel the ground in child’s pose, stay an extra breath or two. Find support in your asana practice and find support off the mat as well.

In times of tumult and severe change, walk with a sense of wonder.