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The Now

Spring Awakening

Learn about breathwork that is perfect for this seasonal shift.
Skull-shining breath is mind-clearing, consciousness-raising.

Upcoming Event

People's Pages

Our undefinable book club meets again, Sunday, April 15th.
Bring your pages, and one thing you can't ignore (books, politics, or otherwise).

Community: Reviews

Brooklyn Lem

I know I can do Tree pose yet it's still challenging!
My favorite practice spot is any class with Tejal or I'd have no idea what I'm doing. LOL

Summer Series

Yoga In The Battery

#yogainthebattery #thebatterynycyoga#thebatteryyoga #outdooryoga
#summeryoga #nycyoga #StartingMay31st

Studio Classes

7:30 am & 9 am

7 am & 9 am

Yoga 216
511 W 20th St, NY, NY 

Private and Corporate Sessions by request

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