writing on becoming

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Can we become that which we already are? Is our vocation a new endeavor or an emergence from within? Is the training to train the self anew or retrain disconnected actions back to an ancient calling?

Were our souls to be born over again + again, would our desires and knowledge continue building up, this lifetime into the next?

If the teaching you're seeking has no clear beginning and no finite end, would it suffice to say you aren't becoming the thing, simply that you've arrived at the moment to dive right in?

On love, on yoga, on healing in our skin, the intention and action is internally driven. Take what you are, feel what must be felt, open up to what is dark. The journey did not just start but now you are exposed and forward moving on the path of who you are.

Tejal 2/4/17 πŸ™πŸΌπŸ•‰