A New Year with music and flow!

Hi Friends! Happy New Year!

Time to pull focus after the holidays and talk yoga!

Let's review the very common, often-used term: Vinyasa which means to place in a special way. If you wish, we can translate this very loosely and say a Vinyasa flow could be a choreographed dance onstage or a dance party of flying limbs across your living room floor (think Hugh Grant in Love Actually)!

A vinyasa yoga flow class can describe the entire class, as well as break down a part of the class like when your teacher says "Move through your vinyasa flow." These poses are the transitional asanas to move you from tadasana/mountain pose to adho mukha savasana/downward facing dog (the usual case). You can review safe ways to learn these transition poses in Jason Crandell's Yoga Journal article.

While working through your at home practice check out my end of 2015 playlists:

Vinyasa 75min flow / Restorative 75min

If you're looking for a sequence to try at home there are many available when googling "Yoga sequences for home practice". Remember to go with a trusted source and listen to your inner teacher before all else.

From my speakers to yours, Happy 2016!!!!