SI Joint + Juliana

A few months ago, I had the pleasure and joy of visiting my teacher's home for an informal talk about the SI Joint! I won't go into detail here about the Sacroiliac Joint which connects the spine to the pelvis, but I will share a few points about what a wonderful experience it was:

1. Jules is passionate about sharing her wealth of anatomical/kinesiological knowledge

2. She wants to pass us this information with a free sense - free of cost and freely shared

3. Her home is a moving flow through the chakras by use of painted walls and coordinated decor to evoke feelings and moods, truly amazing!

4. Sitting in a sharing circle with other eager, friendly teachers is such a mood elevator

I learned about safer twists and worked on the differences in my own pigeon pose. Just another one of the wonderful ways that Juliana chooses to share her yoga with everyone she meets. She's an inspiration and a mentor. Thanks so much Juliana! 

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