New offerings, new trials: in abundance and gratitude

Hello Lovelies!

I'm teaching at Yoga 216 in Chelsea, starting Monday with morning classes at 7:30am and 9am. It was quite the journey to get to this point but I'll spare you the details. Instead, I'll highlight a few top thoughts I've formed about the past 10 months living as a working yoga teacher.

1. Find a mentor and TALK to her. I can't be more adamant about how beautiful and positive it is to talk about my concerns and triumphs with my mentor. She is such a unique loving soul that even the downer topics of my journey seem to shine a bit bright. Find your mentor and keep her close. Trust me, there's no shame in taking her time to talk and commiserate and regroup. You both are giving and receiving so much from the exchange.

2. Keep looking for your houses, but know you're/your home. In traveling the world, I have found so much comfort in resting and moving in anonymity. I wonder what that says about me, in a deep, psychotherapy way...?And I find that now I've settled in Brooklyn, I'm still searching for comfort in physical spaces. I'm looking for my yoga home so to speak. But I've realized, I'm my yoga home. I bring my self peace, quiet, balance, it's part of the amazing lessons yoga teaches me everyday. I'm so in love with practicing that knowledge. <3

3. Be the outlier. Remember the Bell Curve? Where a z-score defines where you fall on the curve in relation to the average? (I tutor stats, FYI). I'v put myself out there by asking the weird, forward questions and being so honest I've startled myself! I'm referring to so many things: sacred commerce of yoga, building a brand, talking about myself, promoting others, facing a challenging relationship conversation, the list goes on. I've cultivated a habit of being so honest there is usually an awkward silence or two during difficult conversations. A silence so potent, that all kinds of emotions come to the surface and everyone in the convo remembers I'm just a real human, not a business person, not a finance person, not a marketer. Just a living, breathing human. It's been important for me to learn and practice that curiosity and boldness on this erratic path of teaching yoga and interacting with so many people every day. It allows me to find a human connection with others beyond a polished, poised exterior.

Those are the top three thoughts that come to mind. I'm currently feeling full of gratitude, inspiration, and hope. I love being able to share that with you on this site :) And I'm so excited to continue learning from everyone on and off the mat.