abcdyogi village

a revolutionary old-new community reclaiming the ethnic heritage of yoga. follow along as we spill the chai and bring yoga home.

A community for Desi’s (those of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, South Asian /and beyond those boundaries /descent) from all over the world!

A = Any

B = Born

C = Conscientious

D = Desi

harmful posts

A goal of abcdyogi is to debunk myths on yoga and to stop harm through meaningless appropriation, colonization, and spiritual bypassing.

Recently a Kundalini yoga teacher (not of color) traveled to India and created an Instagram video filming a man washing by a basin outdoors. She is heard snickering and mocks him with the written comment “If you think your life sucks…”

Please see my full text and request for this person to publicly apologize. She blocked abcdyogi from her instagram and I implore you to message her (before you are blocked) to ask for an apology. If you need inspiration, please download my text here. Please credit @tejalyoga if you copy/paste.

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